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Revolution has come to Android
Launchers are basically the heart of your device. Unfortunately they've grown to be filled with bloat. They often have things you can't get rid of. They replace stuff with alternatives that only slow down the process of using the device...

What's worse is companies use the launcher to sell your behavior patterns to places you have never heard of for money you'll never see a penny of. You just want to launch your app or get on with talking to somebody, right?

And so, revolution has come!

Now there's a new way to organize, interact with, and personalize the content on your device. From one centralized, customizable menu you can flick open shortcuts, start conversations, or maybe send an email.

Add your favorite apps or contacts to a circular menu that closes neatly into an "easy to reach with one finger" button. Then your less used shortcuts can go into sub menus that are just as easy. You can also swipe up on the desktop to open the app drawer you have organized into categories. Just to name a few innovative features you'll wish you always had.

Now everybody has a better way to use their phone. And you can get it on Google Play, right now!
Get it on Google Play!
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