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This kit contains all the files you will need to create your own themes for Revolution Launcher.

You will need a way to modify, generate or view SVG, PNG, JPG, JSON, HTML, and ZIP files.

Instructions can be found in the "_readme.txt" file.
  • File Contents

  • _readme.txt
  • Template
    • _config.json
    • _preview.html
    • files
      • arm.svg
      • arm_night.svg
      • arm_down.svg
      • arm_down_night.svg
      • middle.svg
      • middle_night.svg
      • middle_down.svg
      • middle_down_night.svg
      • wallpaper.jpg
      • wallpaper_night.jpg
    • thumbnails
      • thumbnail_1.png
      • thumbnail_2.png
      • thumbnail_3.png
    You can share you theme's ZIP file using any common file transfer method such as e-mail, or bluetooth.

    To be shared in the app's theme store and/or any varity of other places for promotions, use the form linked below to upload your theme for consideration.

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